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MCAA offers mentorship opportunities to the students, to aid in their overall success, by building a relationship to teach life skills and coach professional traits.

Mentoring makes a difference.

By signing up to mentor one of our students, you’re showing them that someone cares about them, values them, and believes they will succeed. They may have personal struggles that consume much of their time and energy and, by focusing on their personal development and future, you could serve a critical role in helping them to overcome some of their struggles.

Most of us have enjoyed a relationship with a mentor who made a positive difference in our life. A significant portion of young people today do not have access to a mentor.

Examples of areas you can mentor:

  • Budgeting
  • Creating a banking relationship
  • Professionalism
  • Buying a used car
  • Finding a safe and reasonable place to rent/buy

General Tips:

  • DEMONSTRATE empathy, commitment (be dependable and lead by example) and give them space to share without pushing, in order to gain their trust over time.
  • LISTEN, and give them options to consider. Stay focused on the mentee; this time is never about you. Sharing your personal stories is one thing, but keep them brief.
  • GUIDE them to understand the difference between things they can control and cannot control.
  • STAY POSITIVE and don’t judge. A mentor is different from a parent or a friend
  • PRIORITIZE your mentee, and you should never become an intermediary with their family.
  • ENGAGE your mentee. Find out what they like to do, let them be part of planning, and have fun!

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